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Drs. Formenti, Demaria, and Galluzzi Awarded Grants from the Department of Defense

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

The Department of Radiation Oncology has been awarded two grants from the Department of Defense's Breast Cancer Program to study the combination  of radiotherapy and immunotherapy in hormone receptor-positive breast cancer.

A level 2 award, “Breaking Through Immune Resistance of HR+ Breast Cancer,” was awarded to Dr. Silvia Formenti, Meyer Cancer Center's Associate Director of Radiation Oncology, and Dr. Lorenzo Galluzzi. This award will provide over $1.5 million to support preclinical studies in a new mouse model of HR+ breast cancer.

A level 3 award, “Converting HR+ Breast Cancer into an Individualized Vaccine,” was awarded to Dr. Formenti and Dr. Sandra Demaria. This award will provide over $5.7 million to support a multi-site clinical trial in HR+ breast cancer patients and in-depth correlative studies.