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Meyer Cancer Center serves 6 million people in the local New York City Community

Who We Serve: Our Catchment

MCC is dedicated to serving the needs of all patients who come to our center from near and far.  We define our primary catchment as the geographic area where more than half of our cancer patients reside. Our center provides cancer services throughout our catchment in partnership with NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital.  Our catchment is home to 6 million individuals across 38 distinct neighborhoods and three counties (Brooklyn Manhattan and Queens), representing one of the most linguistically and ethnically diverse places not only in the United Stated, but the world. Robust community engaged efforts alongside statewide and national data guides the development and dissemination of evidence-based treatments as well as policies to reduce the cancer burden in the catchment.

Meyer Cancer Center Demographics

Race/ Ethnicity   
Hispanic 21.5%
•Non Hispanic White 36.7%
•Non-Hispanic Black 20.8%
•Asian 17.6%
•American Indian/ Alaska Native 0.2%
Other Demographics
•Foreign-Born  38.9%
•Speaks English less than “very well” 23.3% 
•Education  16.3% less than a HS education
•Below the Federal Poverty Line  16.3%
•No health insurance coverage  8.3%
•Less than 40 years 54.2%  
•40-64 years old 31.3%   
•65 years and above 14.5%