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Research Programs

Our translational and clinical researchers collaborate to convert conceptual breakthroughs into novel therapies that will benefit our patients. They work in multidisciplinary teams that focus on translational research targeting individual cancers, as well as those focused on basic research that crosses multiple diseases across the cancer continuum. 

Cancer Prevention & Control

Understanding the determinants of cancer incidence, morbidity, mortality across the cancer care continuum and developing intervention strategies to reduce morbidity and mortality from cancer in our catchment area.
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Experimental Therapeutics

Experimental Therapeutics Program advances cancer therapeutics through innovative clinical research across organ sites. The program emphasizes cancers that are particularly relevant to the Meyer Cancer Center's patient population. In investigating these malignancies, program members focus on:...
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Cancer Biology

Investigating the complexities of cancer biology by studying the transcription factors, cellular signaling events and cellular architecture that underlie malignant transformation.
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Cancer Genetics & Epigenetics

Recent developments in genetics and epigenetics have provided an unprecedented level of insights into the precise inter-tumoral subtypes of heterogeneous solid and hematological malignancies that at lower resolution appear homogeneous. Meyer Cancer Center scientists use novel approaches, develop...
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