Living with Cancer

Life is different after diagnosis. We’re here to help, and our approach is a holistic one. Weill Cornell specialists address both practical needs and emotional ones, through professional counseling, consultation services, support groups, educational resources, nutrition, social activities, complementary therapies, rest breaks -- even opportunities to enjoy milkshakes during treatment. 

Support Services

Emotional and practical support, including patient navigators, counseling, consultation, peer groups, social activities and complementary therapies.
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Genetic Counseling

Weill Cornell specialists assess cancer risk in patients with a personal or family history of specific cancers including breast, ovarian, endometrial, gastric, colorectal, prostate, renal, skin, thyroid, pancreatic and other cancers.
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Registered dietitians are available to discuss treatment related side effects, weight changes, food choices, supplements, special diets and any other questions.
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