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Cancer Genetics, Epigenetics & Systems Biology

Biologists and biostatisticians working together to decipher and target genetic and epigenetic alterations in tumors for improved cancer detection and treatment

Large-scale genomic and epigenomic profiling of tumors has revealed a broad array of recurrent and patient-specific genetic and epigenetic alterations, as well as significant genetic and epigenetic heterogeneity within tumor cell populations in a dynamic and evolving landscape.

Investigators in the Cancer Genetics, Epigenetics and Systems Biology Program use next-generation sequencing, advanced computing and experimentation to identify and unravel the function of genetic and epigenetic alterations in tumors. We seek to translate genetic and epigenetic alterations into biomarkers for therapy selection and early cancer detection, as well as to explore the mechanisms of drug resistance and model complex tumor-associated pathways. 

Our ultimate goal is to design the next generation of therapies that will specifically target these alterations and enable the precision medicine paradigm. 

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Cancer Genetics, Epigenetics & Systems Biology